Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gluttin'- (v.) to really be askin' for it, to really be deservin' of.

"I'm gluttin' for punishment."

Whopping Cough-(n.) a stupendously large coughing disease that they inoculate you for. Not to be confused with the whooping cough, because that's the correct way to say it, (and why say Valentine's when you can say Valentimes, you get me?)

KYMBURLEE-(n.) 1.)a really asinine way to spell your child's name. 2.)a good way to irritate your child for the rest of her life, as no one in their right mind will ever be able to spell her name correctly the first time. 3.)a good way to bring images of large, thick shouldered, short necked, unusually hairy women to mind every time someone thinks of your child and her ridiculous name.

And yes, that is how you spell "asinine".

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