Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So, I've been riddled with bizarre and complex dreams of late, complete with stabbings, snow and snipers (okay, not snipers, but I was going for alliteration. I suppose I could have said "screaming". Yes...that would have made a lot more sense.) One of the dreams in particular has been disturbing to me, because even to this somewhat-skeptic, it seems saturated with symbols and meanings (I save four children, who are me and my sister and brothers as kids, only to abandon them to their imminent deaths later; the protagonist and antagonist are familiar to me but have no faces; my old school gym makes an appearance, and on and on). I usually enjoy dreaming--I often remember my dreams quite vividly--and find it to be very therapeutic, but now find myself going to bed later and later (as if this will forestall dreaming...in reality it only makes me tired and somewhat cranky...and even more prone to be skeeved out the next day by my dreams.)

I've also been asking people for their opinions and been receiving honest answers in return...

...this is not always fun.

I've also found myself slipping back into an old rut of late (warning again: watch for falling vagueness) that is not only not healthy, but also puts me into a sort of daily funk that I have to talk myself out of. I hate this. I feel as though I allow my life to stop for a moment each time this happens...what a waste of time and synapse. I'd much rather waste my time sleeping in, though as I've mentioned before, I don't really want to do that these days either.

On a brighter note, a stranger farted on me in Barnes and Noble yesterday. At first I was like, "Oh yay!! My brother drove all the way from Indiana to make me feel like we were kids again!" But it was really just some old dude in the Bargain Books section (I think he had picked up a cookbook about beans.)

This is why we always say "excuse me", folks, when you'd like to get by someone. It's polite, yes, but also gives people a chance to pinch it in.

AAAaaaaannnndddd...End Scene.


shakkahop said...

in the immortal owrds of joshua locy 'farts are still funny.'

shakkahop said...

also, i had a dream i married an old lady and didn't realize my follie until the reception.
reading has helped me with bad dreams. reading some good fiction, classics. since reading really involves the mind (or at least it should)and all it's imagery facets (imagery facets?) it makes your mind stretch beyoind your current inner torment. read phantom tollbooth or island of the blue dolphins, ooo ooo read ramona quimby. these are great kids books, not classics. but they serve as that glass of milk my mom would give me before bed to avoid the bad dreams. of course i am lactose intolerant now...... i wonder what that means?

Sarah said...

Ooo, weird old lady dreams...yikes.

I usually do read before bed to relax and stuff, but I guess it didn't work this week.

LOVE Ramona Quimby. I still remember the book where she gets the best friend and they have matching dresses made out of red fabric with monkeys and bananas on it and they get to clap erasers and Ramona's dress sucks and then they get in a fight and Ramona rips the bow off her friends dress. Wow. Beverly Cleary was a genius.