Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cuckoo's Nest opened this weekend. I got laughs, which is nice. Okay, okay, I got laughed at because of my second act costume, but I'll take what I can get. Come see the show, people...I think we pulled it off, soap opera and all (

I went to see The Last Five Years with Marc and Christopher today, which is fast becoming my favorite show. I thought the guy who played Jamie was great, and I thought the girl was good, but I think any reservations I have about her performance are only because I'm jealous that it wasn't me up there. I love, love, love that role and the music and have now put that character up on my "must play" list. And I will, dammit, I WILL (see previous post about stepping on people and busting kneecaps to realize my dreams...).

My roommate is giving me a massage right now. I cannot type. I cannot say anything witty. I'm in the depths of relaxation. I am purring like a cat. I am cleaning my ears like a cat. I am not cleaning anything else like a cat though, because I'm not that flexible. And because that's real gross.

Seriously, I think I just ruined my dinner.


Eric said...

I've worked with Jessica (Cathy) before, and she has an amazing voice. I doubt I can get up to Red Herring to see this, but I'm wishing I could!

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