Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

There's nothing like lying wide awake and staring at the ceiling to inspire blog posts.

Of course, in my case, I still have nothing beneficial to say.

I've been sick for the last couple of days and am now on an anti-biotic that's main attraction is making it sound like my stomach is at war with itself. Bombs, heavy artillery, you name it, it's happening in there. Seriously. I'm not hungry, but my stomach is rolling and growling like I am, and I can't sleep with all that noise.

However, here's one more totally inane, boring thing for you to prescription was FREE. That's right, Giant Eagle's just giving the stuff away...apparently, Wal-mart is good for something, in that their total destruction of American society has at least driven the cost of Erythromicin down at my local grocery. Never mind that countless children are doing slave labor so that Bobby Jo from the holler can have living room drapes for five dollars less than other places, or that the scariest people you'll ever meet come out of the woodwork for a night out on the town at the area Wally World (two things: 1. NEVER go to Wal-mart around the first of the month and 2. NEVER go to a Wal-mart in the mountains. You think it's scary on the west side of ain't seen nothin' till you've seen the mountain people come out of hiding for supplies. Yikes) least I get heavy narcotics cheaper than normal, and hey, if it effects my bottom line, well then, all is right in the world.

And in other, slightly more exciting news, my new show has opened.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Apparently I was a little harsh in my last blog. One commenter (show yourself, Anonymous, SHOW YOURSELF) told me I needed to "ease up". Let me say at the outset (my sister will chuckle at that last little phrase:)) that I was not intending to be negative or nasty or any of those things...I was merely observing, and if I happened to be surrounded by crappy people, is that really my fault?

However, since I'm an easily accomodating blogger, I am yet again at Panera, and I will attempt a much more positive spin on my observations.

There are two ladies seated at the table next to me. One is black and one is white. Hooray!

There are a couple of blue-collar looking men at the table in front of me. One is smiling and has a big American flag on his hat. He probably supports George Bush and likes to beat his wife, but today he is happy, and at Panera refreshing himself and his plaid shirt with bread. For that, I am grateful.

There is a lady seated with her back to me. This makes me happy, because I'm pretty sure in real life, we wouldn't get along. However, her highlights look nice.

There is an old man sitting in a chair by the fire. He looks deep in thought, but content. A small smile plays around the corner of his lips and he reminds me briefly of Christmas wrapped in Valentines Day wrapped in your fifth birthday where your parents hired a REAL PONY for your party.

There's a lady seated at a booth a few tables over. She observes her laptop intently, like a small mouse checking out a piece of cheese (the cheese, which oddly enough, has been placed on a piece of wood which boasts a spring and a lovely metal bar). Now she is smiling. Mice don't smile. (SNAP!)

Was that better? ;)