Monday, June 12, 2006

*Comment posted on 6/9/06 blog post*

Hey Pip,

This is Baskin ... the Commodore's (holy) terrier. I know how it is man. You're young ... you'll get used to it.

Okay, so I am a little smaller than you. I love to jump off of the Commodore's 12' tall bed. One day I stove in both of my front legs and couldn't walk. You'd of thought he lost an entire bag of milkbones the way he was carrying on ... sobbing! A few shots and a couple of muscle relaxers later, I was zippin around like normal. What is it with these humans. They bathe everyday, they eat with their mouths closed, they can't lick themselves ... no wonder they're miserable! Anyway, hang in there, pal, and I hope you're feeling better soon.

Smell you later!


Dear Baskin,

First, let me just say, "Woof, woof, mwuf, bark, yip, woof...barrr-ooooo."

Yeah-heah. You know what I mean, Playah.

Second, I just wanted to thank you for your nice note. I didn't know that we could "stove" our legs like that! (I had to ask my owner, whom I think of as "Goddess Who Picks Up My Poop", what "stove" meant, but I feel you now, man, I feel you now.) I will have to be more careful about that. Yeah, Dude, I can't believe I ran into that door. The Goddess is such a wonderful housekeeper that those babies are just clear, you know, like see through, and well, you know how it is when they're like, "Wanna go outside?!" and you're like, "Hell, yeah!" and then your brain just like stops working, and all you can think about is wagging your tail so hard that your whole back end wags too, or the possibility of maybe eating or rolling in something dead or even my own poo...or getting to smell some yaknowwudI'msayin', hello!!

So yeah, dog, thanks for thinking of me. What's the deal with our owners freaking out? You're right, you'd think she was the one who'd thrown out her back and couldn't lick her balls (panick, dude, FOR REAL.) I mean, I was the one who was thinking it'd been like, what, almost 6 months in our time since I'd been able to reach "down there", and she's the one bawling. Geez, lady, calm down and figure out a way to reach dese.

Whoah! Whoah! What was that noise?!!? Holy Crap! Holy Crap! Kill! Kill! Protect! Defend!!

False was just the Goddess tapping her fingers on the wall. (Man, I ALWAYS fall for that!)

Alright, suckah, I gotta run. Seriously. In circles. All over the apartment. In a pattern: dining room, family room, hallway, bedroom, jump on the bed, jump off the bed, hallway, family room, dining room, slip on the kitchen floor. Repeat. I don't know what to do with all this energy. I've tried chasing my tail but it's just not the same as chasing some other tail...hey-oh!

Peace and doggie treats,

The Pip


Commodore said...

Hey The Pip,

Guess What? I was supposed to get my teeth cleaned this Friday and its like surgery or something because they're giving me anesthesia, (and at first I was freaking out because I heard the Commodore say they were "putting me to sleep") so I had to go get some blood taken out of my neck last week ...

Well, the results came back and said that something is wrong with my liver, so now instead of getting my teeth cleaned (cause there's puss and stuff on my gums) I now have to get an ultra-sound to have my liver checked!

Personally, I don't care one way or the other. I don't mind the vet so much until they start sticking things up my butt. However, my Commodore is all upset and won't leave me alone for a second ... afraid I may go into shock or something. They say I'm toxic, but I don't feel any different.

I wonder if this has anything to do with that stuff called Vodka I lapped up off the floor that weekend when all those people the Commodore calls "in-laws" were here? I drank a lot of it. I felt pretty good too, but I had the hardest time getting down the stairs to go outside. I may have bumped my head a time or two on the glass doors that day (and ours are filthy!) So, I peed on the carpet. It's cool though, because I blamed it on that weird new dog that wears clothes and walks on her hind legs. Commodore calls her "The Girl".

So my point is, The Pip ... I get to keep the stinky breath!

Time for my nap,

Tammy said...

Message from
"Ashes and Pepper"
Hey Pip! Hey Baskin!
This is Ashes,, oh and Pepper. We live with Tammy our Mom. She told us about you guys and said that we can get on the computer and talk, (as long as we did not get hair in the keys), Anyway I am typing and Pepper is dictating (as she always does).. Pepper said that she hopes Baskins gets better, (so do I) and Pip watch out for those windows! I have run into a couple and it does not feel that great, (but it makes people laugh so sometimes I do it for giggles)
To let you know where we live. We have a big back yard to play in and also have squirrels to chase about. There is a pool in the back yard (we dont like getting into that though) and Rabbits too!
Do you guys have anything that you like to chase?? I do mostly the chasing, pepper just sits and watches. (she's getting up in age). Oh.. Pepper says she still looks good for her age (she hasn't looked in the mirror lately).... OUWIE!! HEY STOP THAT PEPPER,,, SHE BITTING MY TAIL,,, PEPPERE!!!!