Saturday, April 29, 2006

Drawing a blank, here, folks.

In what was probably a rash and unwise move on my part, I deleted my old blog. I wiped it clean from the face of the internet, nevermore to be read or laughed over. I dunno...I just felt like it was time to really lay it to rest. I had a little funeral, complete with pallbearers from a porn site, special music from Wing, a homily from the Friar, and a few bad, tasteless, out of place jokes from the Onion.

Okay, none of that really happened (except for the pallbearers, which turned out to be a very classy move on my part.)

1 comment:

Commodore said...

I love the WING reference ... perhaps she sang AC/DC's Back in Black?

I am overwhelmed with my life after Shakespeare ... I don't know when I'll be on track again, but here's hoping its soon.

The Commodore Friar