Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Anybody have any idea what "twitch" is slang for? Apparently, this is one of the descriptions of my character in the script. "A 'twitch' named Candy Starr". Any ideas would be humorous and appreciated.

And Shawn, there were no noises WHILE the boob was grabbed, so get that thought out of your head, perv.

Much Ado is over, and I must say, I'm quite sad about that. I guess I had quite the crying jag Saturday night on Randy's shoulder. I think I put forth some of my best work, and I made friends that I'll have forever, so, while it's nice to move on to something new, the whole experience is bittersweet. That show was also my sanity these last few months, so it will be a time of re-adjusting for me as well.

Okay, it's entirely too late, and I needs to get ups earlies. (I don't know...don't ask.)


KL said...

Hey, twitch woman, I just found your blog -- too funny!
Quit 'cher whinin' about missing that ol' play you were in, you got a whole bunch of new (yet completely demented) friends to hang with now! We promise to love you as much as they did...

Sony said...

Hey Sarah - came to your blog by way of Eric Ewing and John Grote. Trying to find a possible meaning for "twitch" has helped pass some time. Here are my theories:

A careless, scatterbrained, or otherwise unreliable individual.


Someone who uses drugs which makes them twitch. Hence the moniker.

That's all I got. Time to find something else to procrastinate with. Nice blog, by the by.

whatsamaddau said...

You need your ass kicked

Commodore said...

I just remembered that in the film "Miller's Crossing" (a superb gangster film by the Coen Brothers) the generic word used by all the characters for a female is a "twist". Perhaps Ken (did he write the play as well as the book?) was blending "twist" with "bitch" (or witch) to get a "twitch".

I surmise that "twist" refers to the sexy walk women use to attract a man's attention.

So, mayhaps Candy Starr is a sexy bitch?