Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A patient grabbed my boob yesterday. Just reached up and grabbed it. I should be flattered, except that I'm rarely flattered when mammary mashing comes from an eleven year old autistic boy that makes funny (and I mean hilarious, not weird) noises the whole time you're working on him. I know that I'll probably be going to the fiery place for this one, but I could not stop laughing about the whole situation, especially since the mom was clueless the whole time, and my friends/co-workers had to hide in the bathroom they were laughing so hard.

You haven't quite lived until, well, I think you know what I'm going to say...

Last weekend for Much Ado coming up!! Get your tickets, slackers! ( This will be the last time you'll see me perkipressed to oblivion (seriously, you really don't know how hard I work at that).

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ShakkaHop said...

is there any way you can describe the noises that the boy makes when he grabs your boob and you work on him? i just want to be clear.
sarah, your damn thing won't let me comment without an account with blogland, or whatever the hell this is. i don't understand it, and i refuse to comment on it.