Monday, April 17, 2006

The hour I thought I might get this weekend to update never surfaced, so I do hope none of your were holding your breath waiting, cuz, well, that'd be tragic.

I got the part of Candy Starr in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Jai also landed a part, and I believe I know one other person that's in it, as well. Rehearsal's start tonight. It shouldn't be too hard of a role, especially since "Candy Starr" is also my porn name. Very convenient.

A big thanks to Dale, Eric and Randy for their help with the move this weekend. "Many hands make light work...for ME." Too bad for the boys that I'm such a dainty flower and can't move the big stuff myself. Aside from Dale cursing my stairs and making fun of my huge tub of shoes, things went rather well. Thanks guys!!!

The only bad thing about all the heavy lifting this weekend was that by showtime on Sunday, I was a little sore, and when you're pulling a corset tightly over those sore muscles, it's not the most comfortable feeling in the world.

Ooo, another thanks to Tom and Lianne for showing up to the show on Saturday!! I must admit, I had a hard time staying in character when I heard Little Tommy laugh. But I DID have to laugh when afterwards, Lianne was like, "Whoah!! Where did you get those boobs!?!? I didn't know you had those!!" To which I replied, "Do you see now WHY I thanked my corset in my bio?" To which she replied, "Yeah...I want one!"

I love my costume...


Eric said...

You're welcome, Miss Sarah! Glad I could help.

Who else do you know in "Cuckoo's Nest"? I wish terribly that I could be doing the show with you's gonna be a great one. Hope rehearsal tonight goes swimmingly.

Jillian Frank said...

Good on you, Sarah! (= I'm glad to hear you landed the part.

I'll try and give you a call this upcoming weekend. Josh and I miss you.

Commodore said...

... and you weren't in the room when Dale tried to push me out of your bedroom window with the mattress.

It was fun helping you move (when I finally got there). I'm looking forward to your postings!

Do you have rehearsal on Tuesday nights?

Tammy said...

I am so glad you love your costume! I can take orders, After the end of June if anyone wants one.