Sunday, August 06, 2006

Several things for today's post:

First, a rant...

Please stop putting on your profile that you "like to have fun". This is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard, and if you have a "delete" button, I will not hesitate to use it. OF COURSE you like to have fun. If you were having "fun" and weren't enjoying yourself, then it wouldn't be classified as "fun" anymore. There isn't anyone who doesn't like to have fun, because fun by it's very nature is enjoyable. Please be more specific next time...say, "I like to go dancing with my friends" or "I really enjoy laughing myself silly when I'm drunk." I will know at this point that you're having "fun".

Second...another rant.

Please stop being rude. You are not nearly as smart as you think you are, nor are your comments being taken as "witty" or "superiorly right". You are just annoying and I want to kick you. You don't own the establishment that you put so many of your hours are a volunteer, just like the rest of us, and it's super annoying/irritating/make-me-want-to-scratch-my-own-eyes-out frustrating that you think you're too good to participate in a civilized discussion with the rest of us. And yes, I'm being vague, because at this point, I'm still trying to keep the peace and hold my tongue and not be rude myself. This is what I like to call "venting"...ahhhh. I feel better. :)

Third...a warning.

If you're going to be a cast member in Pippin, please remember NOT to fall down the stairs or off the stage. Said tumbling will result in you tearing the ligaments in both ankles, bonking your head, skinning your knee and generally scaring the rest of your fellow cast members to death...especially when they've seen you fall and must still go on stage, knowing you're (sorry) no spring chicken and probably really hurt. Also, remember that falling is not such a good idea, because then your doctor won't let you come to your performance the next night and the director will have to step in for you, book in hand, and do your part as valiantly as she can. And she'll do a good job, but she really doesn't want to be stepping in for people because she generally frowns on her actors hurting themselves.

And that's all...


Commodore said...

Please tell me YOU didn't fall down the stairs?

If you did ... I hope you are alright.

If you didn't ... well, I hope you're alright (snicker snicker).

KL said...

Sarah, your rants crack me up. What the hell is up with these people, for heaven's sake? Your second rant sounds exactly like a rant of mine during CN. Different names and places, but surprisingly familiar, don't you think? Gosh! Gail and I are coming to see Pippin later this month...can't wait to see you and the "boys"!

Tammy said...

Ranting and Raving is good. Rant away my friend!
Who fell by the way?? I hope they are ok!