Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am not a patient person.

This gets me into trouble.

A lot.

On a different track, we may have found a dog for Jai. My friend at work had one that just wasn't adjusting well to their busy schedules, so I said we'd try taking her for a week. She's about the same size as Pip with longer black hair.

Poor Pip, he's so excited to have a sister ("Piper" cute is that?!?) but she's just overwhelmed right now and is not havin' it. He just keeps looking forlornly at her and trying all his best "I'm cute" tricks and the new dog is like, "Good God, if that brown dog humps me ONE MORE TIME..." I think they'll get along okay in a few days, though, once she calms down a bit and Pip remembers that there are appropriate and not-so-appropriate things to do to one's sister.

One last weekend for the show, ya slackers! Just two more performances! Christopher thought my hair was a wig! I just tried to explain that yes, my hair is really that big!

Waaaayyyyy too many exclamation points. I'm really not THAT excited.

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