Monday, August 14, 2006

Congratulate me.

So, a few weeks ago, I found this ad in the paper for a "public speaker" for The Bradford School. The description sounded like me to a "T" (what does that mean, exactly..."to a 'T'"?), so I called and got in for a group interview. The first part of the group interview just went over Bradford and the position, money, etc. The second part was an impromptu speech from us. I was instantly excited, because this is what I do, you know? I must have done alright, because I scored a second interview, and I aced that, as well. So, lo and behold, I'm suddenly getting paid to talk in front of people.

I've been preparing for this my entire life. My sister can attest to many hours, Heather, would you say that I spent in front of the mirror per day making faces at myself? And I've always been one of those weird people who loved speech class and giving presentations in school. So, now it's all paying off!

Like I said, congratulate me. I'm amazing.

And I look really hot in a suit.

Hey! Sidebar: get your asses to see "Pippin"! Only two weekends left! (


Commodore said...


I saw that ad as well, but got dismayed when I saw it was for PUBLIC speaking (not pubic speaking).

But, yeah! Right on! Way to go!

HarleyWriter said...

Hey, congrats! I admire that ability... The last public speaking I did landed me in jail for "drunk and disorderly".

Tammy said...


shakkahop said...

you're wrong, i was made for that job. you need to email me and tell me the pay, etc. i want to find something like that here. william h. christ, i would be great at that.

Sony said...

To Sarah - Congrats to you.

To her readers - saw "Pippin" (twice), and for those who haven't, listen to Sarah about what you should do with your asses. That came out wrong. Just go see it.

Anonymous said...

This is Heather but for some reason I can't post as myself. (whatever!)

How many hours??... hmmm... LOTS! It was greatly entertaining! :)

Congratulations on your new "fits you to a T" job!! Yeah!