Friday, January 19, 2007

If someone could please figure out a way to get coffee through an IV drip, it would be much appreciated. Appreciation will be shown through me NOT BEING SUCH A LAME ASS.

Today, at Large Multi-National Corporation, my boss came up to me to tell me that I did a recent project completely wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We looked together at the project I had e-mailed him and I sat there, dumbfounded, wondering why it looked so funny. So, he asked me to re-do the whole thing, and the whole time, I'm thinking, "I KNOW I did that right! I did exactly what he asked!" He sent me an exact example of what he wanted to see, and I kept looking at that and the project I sent him, and still remained clueless.

A good ten minutes later, through my sleepy stupor, I realized that I had just sent him the wrong attachment. THE COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY WRONG ATTACHMENT.

I think there is something wrong with my brain. And with my body. I can't even somewhat function without coffee in the morning. I read a nutrition book recently that told me that coffee, for my body type, is a like a street drug. Whatever. Just because I can't live without it, and just because I'm a nicer and better person with it (and a really horrible one without) and just because it only works for fifteen minutes and then I crash, causing me to need four and five cups a day at least...whatever. Doctors don't know anything.

Ugh, this has turned into one of those, "All about me boring blogs that goes on and on about inane things at work and in my life that you could care less about". I sincerely apologize.

I'll drink some more coffee and try again later.

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emily said...

If that's a bad kind of blog, then I am in big trouble. Huge.