Sunday, October 15, 2006

You know you've found a good friend when you're out shopping and you have a conversation that goes something like this:

Lisa: I really like these shoes. Don't you?
Me: (Makes face)
Lisa: (laughs) So you don't like them.
Me: They're not my favorite. Don't you like these? (holds up a kick-ass metallic strappy number)
Lisa: They're very "you".
Me: What's that mean?
Lisa: Oh you know...
Me: Well these are "you". (holds up ho-hum pointy flats). And oh wait, these are'd probably like these.
Lisa: Oh yeah? What about these? They're pretty ugly, I'm sure you'll like them.
(Sarah and Lisa now move rapidly up and down aisles picking up various examples and yelling...)
Me: Oooo, look, plain brown boring ones! Do you want to buy them?
Lisa: These are hideous...didn't you say you were looking for something like this?
Me: Oh wow. These are cheap and have no personality...perfect for you!
Lisa: These look like hooker shoes...I bet you want them for Christmas, huh?

Oh, good times and laughter at the shoe store. :)


Anna said...

Hey . . . when Dr. Scholls starts making those metallic strappy numbers . . . I'll be 1st in line to buy a pair. Now about that movie . . . have not seen it, but saw an interview with that lady. . . definitely scary. I have many things I'm struggling with, in regards to what i believe. It is definitely easier to sweep it under the rug . . . i don't know how to contact you other than this, but if you ever feel like an hour and a half drive, I'd love to have you up sometime.

Tammy said...

my sister is my best friend and we do the same thing. It is also a lot of fun to go into stores and find the most expensive outfits and the most revealing outfits (ones we coul not afford or be caught dead in ) and try them on just for fun. Lots of laughs